A Graceful Maiden's Memoir

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song!" - Psalm 28:7

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dresses are fun!

I've had so much fun wearing dresses the past few months! They are so much more fun to wear than pants! I love the feel of a skirt whipping around my legs... It makes me feel so womanly and feminine!

Dresses are just simply more fun! It is so fun to pick out a pretty dress or skirt to wear each day, and throughout the day, I love looking down and seeing the lovely thing I'm wearing! It makes me feel so graceful... sometimes it feels like I'm floating with a beautiful skirt billowing out around me! Not to mention how one looks in pictures... Pictures in a dress just look so much prettier than pictures in pants!

It does feel weird some times, to have people eye you and imagine their thoughts thinking, "Why in the world is she wearing a dress?" However most times, I get lovely comments on how pretty the dress or skirt is, and approving glances from women as I walk through the store. I seem to be treated more like a young woman. Sure, some people think I'm quite strange, but the delightful feeling of wearing dresses outweighs it!

I know that they aren't for everyone, but I sure do love wearing dresses! I just thought I'd share that with you all. I haven't regretted the decision made last February to start wearing almost entirely dresses. It's just so fun!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sewing Again! :-)

I've been sewing again! It's a lot of fun, and now it's going really fast! I cut out my dress on Wednesday evening, and it is now all done, except for some lace or ruffle that I'm going to add to the bottom, and a sash. I'll be going to Walmart whenever someone goes out (as I can't yet drive myself) and I'll get them there. I really wanted to finish it to wear tomorrow... but unless daddy ends up going to Lowe's tonight, and I ride along to go to Walmart, it looks like it'll have to be another Sunday before I wear my new dress.

The pattern I used is quite simple, yet pretty! I plan to use it again! I lengthened the skirt (as I usually do) and am adding the ruffle and sash. The cloth I got is really pretty too! This is my first spring dress to make, so I got to get my hearts desire of fabric... pretty flowers! The other times I've made clothes, I had to get something darker, since it was fall or winter. But now, I got beautiful white fabric with pink, purple, and blue flowers (my three favorite colors) and green leaves. I can't wait to wear it! I'll post a picture of it as soon as it's done.

My next sewing project? A swim suit with shorts underneath and a longer, pretty skirt. You can see the pattern here: Biblical Womanhood Online Swimwear

Friday, April 28, 2006

A lovely morning walk

I recently got back from quite a lovely morning walk! Miriam Hart had been telling me how she and her mom were walking in the morning, and I decided to try it. It's deliciously refreshing! God's creation is so beautiful in the morning, and the morning glories are glorious! The quiet, undisterbed except by birds was wonderful to enjoy, as well as the feeling of having a trusty dog with me! Praise God!

O Lord our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have set in place, what is man that You are mindful of him, the son of man that You care for him?
Psalm 8:1, 3, 4

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Letters to My Dearest

Almost every night, right before bed,
I sit down with a pen, or a pencil instead.

I open my diary and start writing a note,
To a man I know not, and for a long while won't!

I write to My Dearest, my darling, my love,
I write him of hopes, dreams, and the Father above.

"Your Dearest?” you ask,Pray tell, who is he?”
It is he who one day my husband shall be.

You write to someone that you don't even know?”
'Tis true and for certain, yet quite of'tn I do so.

I write him in laughter, or I write him in tears,
I write him of joys, or I write him of fears.

I write him to tell him about that very day.
To recount what I've been doing while he is away.

He's somewhere away, just where, I'm not sure.
But I've kept myself for him, in every way pure.

I'm too young to court, and far too young to wed.
Yet like every young maiden, sometimes I would like to have said,

Goodnight now, My Dearest, I love you so!”
Yet there's no one to say it to, for I don't have a beau!

Nor do I want one, at least not 'til I'm older,
And God's timing is perfect, as He touches my shoulder

And says, “Now he's here dear, Your Dearest, so faithful.
Go now, and marry! I know he'll be thankful

That you've kept yourself pure, and have waited on Me.
So here's My perfect choice, for you, and for he.”

So until then, I continue writing letters and praying.
Telling him that I love him, so I'm patiently waiting.

The next few years will probably fill pages and pages
With longings and questions as I go through life's stages.

So, until I am married, I'll wait for God's best,
And continue writing more letters, to my own Dearest.

*By Anna Naomi Lofgren*

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cute Nephew and Neice

As an aunt, I think I have bragging rights! :-) Here's two of my extremely cute neices and nephews in the clothes I made for them! They're Maria's children, James and Sara Coble, 5 and 2 years old! Aren't they cute? And, in other big news, Maria's pregnant with another nephew or neice! Yipee! This'll be number 7 grandchild for mom and dad, and only two of their children are married so far! I think we'll make quite a houseful when we're all grown and married!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Such a beautiful sunrise!

Walking down to the water to get pictures of the sunrise. It started out extremely gorgeous...

...And just got prettier and prettier. The heavens surely do proclaim the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the work of His hands!

The other parts of the lake were beautiful as well!

I see the sun peeping over the horizon!

It has risen!

Isn't it beautiful! I spent my time watching it while sitting on this picnic table and reading the Bible. What a way to wake up!

Camping pictures

Sara insisted Elijah carry her on our walk. I guess she was looking for the highest spot!

I ride properly sidesaddle!

Mrs. Lynn, Abigail, and I play "Buy It!"

We enjoy the shade of our tarp tent

On top of the silo. Such pretty water!

Jubilee, Christopher, Katherine, Abi, and Natalie enjoy the merry-go-around

Early Saturday morning down by the lake

Enjoying the sand and sun

Me and my sweet Sara Kate

You brought a computer camping, Mr. Kevin? I guess one never gets away from work now-a-days!

Spring Camp-out 2006

We just got back from a really fun camping trip up at Wind Creek! It was a lot smaller than most of the ones we've gone on, and there wasn't anyone my age there, but I had a lot of fun! Besides, I had babies and little girls to hold!

We weren't quite sure if we were going to go at first, I mean, when the weather says 100% chance of rain plus a chance of hail and tornadoes, is it really a good idea to go camping? :-) Call us crazy, but some of us went! And, it turned out just fine! Mom and dad didn't want to risk it, but Miriam came and took us up after she got off work. It was a tight squeeze to have all of us in her little Saturn, but I was glad to be going. After all, I'd packed all this food, we couldn't not go and waste it! We had a little rain on and off Friday night and Saturday morning, but our tarp shelter kept us nice and dry. It also provided a very nice shade from the sun!

Arriving at the camping site around 6:30 p.m., we hurridly erected our tent, then ate supper. After that, it was what Lofgrens do best, games! :-) A camping trip just wouldn't be complete without card games! Mr. Kevin told us that we weren't really "enjoying the great outdoors", but we were fellowshipping and smelling the fresh air! We didn't sit around all day though, trust me!

Before bed on Friday, we decided to go for a walk up to the silo. Finally arriving at it, we discovered that it was closed after dark, so we started to walk back to the tenting area. Just then, the sky opened up with a great torrent of rain! Thankfully we were near a pavilion, and after running wildly for it, stayed high and dry until the cloudburst stopped.

Birds and the first rain all night woke us up around 5:30 a.m. Far from the heavy thunderstorms predicted however, this rain was very gentle and didn't last long. Since it's pretty much impossible to sleep with the sun up, we soon crawled out of our sleeping bags and faced the day ahead. We went down to the lake after a while. It was so pretty! After breakfast, we played various games and things all morning, frequently having to make for the tarp shelter to prevent getting wet.

Right before lunch, daddy and mother arrived for the day. After eating, since it was now nice, warm, and sunny, Miriam and I joined the others for a swim. After a refreshingly cool dip, we got out and swung on the swings at the park!

I know, two big girls swinging, but it was so fun! All the children had a lot of fun at the park as well! We then went back to camp, but I quickly tired of wet clothes, and went for a shower and a nice dry outfit!

No camping trip at Wind Creek would be complete without a trip to the silo and the pier. It was a nice walk, and it was fun talking with some of the ladies that were there. After going back... yes more games! We had learned a new game called "Buy It!" from someone there, and played it throughout yesterday and today.

It was almost time for supper, when we realized that we hadn't played a game of volleyball all day! It would not be a Lofgren camping trip without one, so we all made for the beach to play a little beach volleyball. Sorry to say, even the sand did not prevent me from falling into the splits a few times. I guess that's just what you get when you combine ballet and volleyball. I'd lunge for the ball, and whoops! I'm on the ground! Oh well.

Miriam and I got quite hungry, so after some time we left to fix supper. We had s'mores around the fire, and then just sat and enjoyed the warmth before going to bed. Even though it's almost May, the evenings still are a mite chilly! Gabriella even put up with me holding her for a little while. She usually doesn't let me when her mother's around! Pretty soon bed started sounding really good, even if it was just a sleeping bag!

Sunday morning I woke up with the birds at 5:30 a.m. After visiting the restroom, I noticed a really pretty sunrise down by the lake, so after going back and finding no one up, I took my Bible and camera to have devotions by the lake. It was so pretty! I kept snapping pictures before and during the time the sun rose. Living in the valley, we don't really get to see sunrises, and especially not ones over a lake!

When I finally went back to the camp site, more people were awake and I made breakfast. After, must I say, more "Buy It!" we packed up our things and left around 11 a.m. We were really tired, but happy. It is nice to be home after such a fun weekend with the Paces, Mortons, Smiths, Fannings, Moores, and others!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Looking forward to camping!

This weekend our family is going to embark on our semi-annual group camping trip! Sadly, we may not be able to camp tomorrow night though... It's 80% chance of rain down here, and gold-ball size hail is forecasted for the region we're going camping! Now that would not be fun to have hail come through your tent!

So, we're going to see what the forecast says tomorrow, and maybe just go up for Saturday and Sunday. I can't wait to camp, but I'll be missing a lot of people, since no one in our church but the Paces are coming! It just won't seem like a camp-out!

I hope all of you have a fun weekend, and for those around here... I hope the hail doesn't harm you or yours!

Comment Moderation Enabled

Hi all! Just to let you know, I've now enabled comment moderation. So, your comments won't show up until I approve them. I didn't really want to do this, but after a rather innapropriate comment by an Anonymous, I decided I better. Sorry for any added trouble!

It hailed last night!

Last night, at around 10 p.m. it started to hail marble-sized pieces of ice! It had been storming, and the lightning flashes hadn't permitted me to fall asleep yet, when suddenly I heard little things hitting our roof! I looked out my window and saw hail, then dashed to the living room where the rest of the family was. We were just getting a good look when the power went out, and stayed out most of the night! Elijah took these pictures out the door.

It looks a whole lot like snow, something we pretty much never get down here in the South!

There sure was a lot of it!

Look at the pretty big pieces!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ballet through a little girls eyes...

Through a little girl's eyes I am an astounding ballerina, and her hero! Very flattering, yet I know I'm not perfect.

Today I babysat two of the Pace girls, and, like I do most times I babysat, we danced a lot! I recognize so much of myself when I was little in Abi, who so enjoys dancing! When I was little, before I had ballet classes, I used to dance around the house all the time, and soak up all the information I could about ballet. Jubilee and I would watch the one Ballet Magnificat! video, it actually got pretty worn out! We'd watch it and try to copy their every move, yet having no clue what exactly they were doing! Anytime I heard a little about how ballerinas hold their arms or something, I would try to do exactly that, trying so hard to be the ballerina I wanted to be!

I see so much of that in Abi, and in the other Pace girls, Natalie and Katherine as well! I danced around the house with Abi today, and I could see her watch my every move and try to mimic everything I did. She's such a sweet little six year old, and such a little dancer! As I danced and twirled her around, or lifted her up and spun her, it brought back so many memories of me when I was 6! I would dance through the house, and mom would ask me to do things, such as "would you please dance this to the kitchen?" and I would do it with such enjoyment!

What is it that attracts little girls to ballet so much? Why do most of them feel, at one time or another, such a desire to dance? Maybe it has to do with the gracefulness involved, or the joy felt as one whirls and twirls. I thank God for such a way to worship Him, using the body He's given me to bring glory to Him through dance.

As a "grown up ballerina" of 15, I still love dancing around the house, and my family can attest to that! Why, just last night before bed I was spinning around the living room, filled with energy and a desire to dance! I have now had 5 years of dance training, so I know more about what I'm doing, but I still enjoy just dancing and twirling for dancing's sake!

With all the progress I've made thus far, I am glad that I can still see a little bit of the little girl I was in Abi... Seeing again how a ballerina looks through a little girl's eyes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship

If you haven't gone there recently, I think you'd really enjoy going over to Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. They have recently had quite a few good posts dealing with guy-girl friendships. Very insightful posts! I also recently read there a poem entitled, I Belong To Another by Gretchen Louise Glaser. It's a wonderful poem about saving herself for her future husband. Why don't you take a look!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Stuff

Yet another Saturday has gone by... I'm very glad for these more relaxing days every once in a while! I shall recount for you the day, but be prepared for boringness! :-)

I got up quite late, (10 a.m.!) after a very refreshing sleep. I had devotions, ate breakfast, and made bread. I tried the new oatmeal bread recipe, and I think I may like it better than the other bread I was making. I'll ask the others for their opinion. Anyways, while the bread was rising, I took a shower. Since my hair was all wet, I trimmed a few inches off, lightening the load that is put on my head every time I put it into a bun to dance. I cut it the length I wanted, then mother trimmed it, as I hadn't gotten it quite straight! :-) Then, it was time to make lunch! French toast... yum!

After lunch I got online, then did dishes. Amazing how many people can make in a morning! Jubilee was watching Pollyanna, so I turned it on the tv in the room off of the kitchen to listen to it while I did dishes. With the dishes all clean, I proceeded to start sewing an under skirt for one of my dance costumes. Sadly, it didn't work too well, and I had to take all I'd done out, to restart some other time. I learned that working with chiffon material is a bit tricky, especially when trying to attach it to an elastic waist band!

By the time I had rip stitched it, it was time to make supper! So, I made the cornflake chicken, then made a chocolate carrot cake to bring to the Turner's tomorrow. Once that was completed (I did a lot of cooking this day!), I started the potatoes 'a boiling and made salad. Then, I proceeded to straighten my room and put pages in my new scrapbook!

Alas, I got caught up in what I was doing, and completely forgot about the potatoes on the stove! I rushed out to find them... just fine! :-) I took out the things in the oven, made the mashed potatoes, and called everyone in to it! Daddy and Elijah had been working on the cars, and weren't quite done, so we had to postpone supper just a bit. Miriam (my sister) came for supper too, which was fun!

We played a game of Palace after supper, which Miriam won. A game of Rook followed, which Miriam won as well! She had absolutely no pity for her poor younger siblings! :-)

And now, I need to get to bed!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blessing with bread

A few weeks ago, while we were on our trip in Arkansas, we stopped by a really yummy homemade bread store. All the bread there was delicious! As I was savoring each morsel, I got to thinking... I could make bread like this for my family!

I pondered while on the trip and after I got home the question, "Should I make the majority of our bread or not?" I weighed the pros and cons, feeling that there were mostly pros. It was healthier, tasted better, didn't have added preservatives, and so on and so forth. The main con that I could think of was, "I don't have time to do this!"

Of course, I had said the same thing last summer when I began to make supper for the family each night. I thought that I didn't have 1-2 hours before supper each day to devote to cooking, but I figured out that I do! I just had to make time.

While pondering the question one morning, I read the verse from Proverbs 31 that I was going to ponder and try to put into practice for the month of April. Surprise, surprise, the verse was:
Proverbs 31:15 - "She gets up while it is still dark and provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls."

Gulp. Well, I decided then and there that it was a very good idea to start making homemade bread! Isn't it amazing how God affirms things you think you should do, even if they just seem like "coincidences"?

So, for the past two weeks every few days I get up at 6 a.m., have devotions, and start making bread! I have found a really nice recipe, and the whole family has enjoyed it immensly! It has been delicious to have moist, yummy bread, and I have actually found it very enjoyable to knead and bake bread. Not to mention the wonderful, bready perfume that permeates the house! It's amazing how much one can do if we just make the time!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ice Skating!

For Jubi's Birthday party, she chose to go ice skating with some friends, and family of course! It was a lot of fun!
The three sisters, Miriam, Anna, and Jubilee

I show off my owie after my dramatic fall

Here come the cupcakes!

Natalie, Anna, Miriam, Caitlin, and Emily enjoy skating

The birthday girl

Jubi zooms by as I help Dellenie keep balanced

Jubi and Suzie

Jubilee's 11th Birthday

On Saturday, April 8th, Jubilee Rochelle turned 11 years old! We had the family party on Friday, and Rachael Morton got to come and stay the night. It's hard to believe that my little sister is getting so old!

Miriam, Rachael, and Jubilee, ready to eat Tuna Under Biscuits!

Rachael and Jubilee, opening presents
Jubilee grabs the horse from me out of the horse barn, where I'd hid it and sent her on a hunt to find. I mean, the horse barn's a logical place for a horse, is it not? Well, maybe not if it's plastic! :-)

Busy, busy

Sorry for the lack in posts the last few days, but between Jubi's birthday, Miriam Hart unexpectantly spending the night, bread making, Ballet Magnificat!, and babysitting, not to mention scholwork and ballet, I haven't had much time! I'll try to post pictures soon.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Tale of a Whisper Mill

Yesterday morning, I got up early like I've been trying to do and began to make bread. The first thing I do is to grind wheat in our Whisper Mill so that I have fresh whole wheat flour to work with. This morning, I did things at usual. I measured out the wheat, made sure I turned the mill on before adding it, as the directions say, and poured some wheat in. Then, I noticed that the little spout the wheat went through after being ground wasn't stuck in all the way. So, without really thinking, I turned the mill off, with wheat still in the top. I stuck the spout in tighter, and turned it on.

Now, I figured out that there really is a reason the mill says "Turn on before adding wheat!" Anyways, the mill started sounding really bad! So, I turned it off, poured the wheat out, then turned it back on and added the wheat. And again, it sounded BAD! So, I did what every maiden in distress does, I called for my dear knight (daddy) to come and rescue me!

Elijah also heard the horrid sound and my plea for help, and came bounding down the stairs to see what was wrong. Together Daddy and Elijah diagnosed the problem, and Elijah began taking the mill apart. He unscrewed the bottom, found more screws, and unscrewed those so that the mill was in three pieces. We then called daddy, and found that the fan that turns so that the wheat will grind was stuck. We soon found that the side where the flour came out was clogged, and by moving the fan slowly, eventually everything was out of the inside.

So, Elijah put the mill back together. Then, we hooked it up, turned it on, added wheat.... and it sounded bad again! After much exploring, we finally realized that the spout was plugged. It had been a little damp when I'd put it together, and the flour had plugged the little spout, so the it just kept building up inside, making an awful sound.

So, we dug the flour out again, and turned on the mill. Well, I hadn't quite gotten all the flour out, and it ended up blasting Elijah with flour so he had it all over his shirt! Whoops! :-)

Then, Elijah, having the engineer mind that he has, decided that he could make something that worked just as well or better, resulting in this!

What a wonderful family I have... Thankful even when they didn't end up having fresh, homemade bread yesterday!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday at Shakespeare Round 2

Bekoh down by the pond

Anna hiding behind the pansies
Lizbeth enjoys the sun and wind

I peep out of the window

Bekah T enjoys the shade of the pavillion, with a window seat!

Sunday at Shakespeare Round 1

Today we had home church at Shakespeare Park. It was really fun, to be out on such a beautiful day! Bekah T was there, so we of course took a lot of pictures! :)

Yours truly under a beautiful arbor in the Shakespeare gardens

Bekoh, Bekah T, and Leah on the children statues

Bekah T and I in front of a gorgous fountain!

Leah rides the girl with the pig tails

The men talking. I guess little Nathaniel thought he was old enough to join them!

Lizbeth and Bekah T, sisters in front of the fountain

A natural, purple carpet

There's a reason mom named our property Wisteria Pines! The pine trees outside our house have wisteria entwined in the them, and they have been shedding for us a royal carpet. It's so lovely, I thought I'd share it with you! God is so amazing, in all the beautiful, natural things He does!

Isn't it lovely?

Me, enjoying the delicate flower petals