A Graceful Maiden's Memoir

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song!" - Psalm 28:7

Friday, March 31, 2006

Announcing the arrival of...

More Kittens!

Jubilee with Mouse and Sargeant

Me with Snowflake

Momma Grace with her three little kittens, born sometime while we were on our trip

Neice and Nephews pictures

Mom and Dad, and four of their grandchildren

Jubilee, Alex, Josh, Me holding Zach and Nate, and Danielle holding Lily

We're all wearing clothes I made!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Arkansas Adventure

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

The first day of our adventure to Arkansas! We were aiming to leave at 7 a.m., but, like it happens so often, didn't acutally leave until about 7:45 a.m. Well, that's okay, it's pretty good for us Lofgrens!

Our destination was Little Rock, Arkansas, to go to a surprise birthday-graduation celebration for my oldest brother, Luke. We made good time all morning and early afternoon, only stopping for essentials such as food and gas. Around the middle of the afternoon however, we got stuck in stop and go traffic for more than an hour! It turned out that two semi trucks had turned over, and while we were going so slow, I suppose they were cleaning up the mess. By the time we passed the accident site all looked fine, but we learned what had happened through Miriam, who had driven through with Maria, James, and Sara a few hours earlier.

Well, so far, so good. We had planned extra time, which was a good thing! We got to our hotel in Arkansas around 5:30 p.m., and after moving our stuff in, left for the party, which was being held at Luke and Michele's church. Evidentally, the city had grown more than expected, and we kinda got lost. Mom's short way turned out a little longer than we'd wanted, but after a little help from a member of Luke's church over the phone, we managed to get to the church. We were just a minute or two later than 6:30 p.m. A church member saw us, and tried to get us to the room in time, but we saw Luke coming and had to hide. Finally, we were told to go to the choir room where everyone was, but we were about 10 seconds too late to see the "look of utter shock" on Luke's face.

Luke was totally surprised! We thought that he may have figured it out, he being the calculating kind of guy, but he hadn't! Later he thought through all the times he could have suspected something, and was shocked that he hadn't pieced it together. He said that God must have wanted Michele to be able to pull it off, for usually all the weird happenings would have set his mind a whirling!

The party was beautiful! Michele and her friends had decorated everything very nicely, with tables representing the different stages of Luke's life. There was a word of encouragement from one of the church's pastors, and a time of sharing about Luke. Then, there was a time of fellowship. The food was really good too! There were even cute little chocolates, shaped like computers! Yes, Luke, like Elijah, is into computers quite a bit!

It was so nice to see Luke and his family, and Maria and her children! All the children had, of course, grown! They were so sweet as well! I also got to deliver the clothes I had made, and everything looked as though it would fit, although Maria would have to hem Sara's dress up a little.

We got back to the hotel a little late, exhausted from a full day of driving, around 10 hours on the road! Because the hotel didn't have a roll-away bed for Elijah like they had promised, they gave us a king-size room for the same price! It was so nice to have a huge room, with a king size bed, fold-down double bed, and pull-out double bed! Jubilee however, didn't want to share a bed, preferring the floor!

Sunday, March 26th

After breakfast at our hotel, we attended church with Luke and Michele and family at the Bible Church of Little Rock. Elijah and I attended the High School Sunday school class, which was a nice experience. It was so big though, quite different from our little home church!

When church was over, daddy took everyone out to lunch at Senora Tequila's, a Mexican restaurant. In addition to Luke and Michele and their four children, Michele's sister Jennifer, and her sweet children, Josh and Lily came along. Jennifer had come down for a week, to visit and to help with Luke's party! Danielle, Alex, Zach, and Nate all wore the clothes I had made, and we got a picture together. It was really nice to see them wearing clothes I had sewn!

After dropping by our hotel to change, we spent the afternoon at Luke's house. We had leftover cake (yum!), played with the sweet children, and played a few games, including Dutch Blitz, which I won, I might humbly add! :-) We also went for a walk around the neighborhood, stretching our legs after so much time in the car!

We attended Luke and Michele's small group with them, and then it was time to say goodbye. It was such a lovely visit, and it was sad to go. The children were all so cute... Danielle such a grown-up acting girl, Alex, a growing boy, Zach a sweetie, and Nate a cutie, almost to the walking stage! I know they're all going to change so much before I see them again!

It took some time to get to sleep, what with a bunch of cooing doves on the roof!

Monday, March 27th

Cooing doves woke me up kinda early in the morning, but I laid in bed until the others began getting up. We were a bit more leisurely this morning, since we weren't planning to get to the grandparent's house until sometime after lunch. By about 9:30 a.m. we were on the road again.

We didn't leave Little Rock right away however. We just had to stop at a wonderful bread store, and of course, the best Christian book store, Mardell's! Elijah also bought a little ear phone radio so that he could listen to what he wanted in the car.

We got to Bella Vista around 3 p.m., after quite a while in the car! I read quite a bit in the car, reading Born Again by Chuck Colson, and tried to sleep some, as I was very tired! We also listen a bit to Roy Moore reading his book, So Help Me God on cassette.

It was really nice to see Dad's parents, Grandpa and Grandma. They're doing okay, but Grandpa was a lot weaker than he has been. Grandma also, can't see too well, and is losing some of her hearing and sense of smell. It was a lot of fun to be with them though, and we even played a few games of Sequence with them!

After a yummy meal of spaghetti and salad, Jubilee and I did the dishes. Then, we were going to watch a movie, but the VCR was broken, so we played more Sequence instead.

Then, it was to a hotel for another night, this time in not such a big room, but still very nice. Jubilee actually consented to sharing a bed with me, instead of the floor! Amazingness as Elijah would say! :-)

Tuesday, March 28th

After another yummy breakfast at the hotel (with make-your-own waffles) we went to the grandparent's house to spend the day with them. Jubi and I played a few games of Spit, which didn't involve spitting, don't you worry! Elijah then played a game of Clue, then a game of Risk with us. Jubilee surprised us all and won Risk! Meanwhile, daddy and mother took Grandpa and Grandma to their exercise class.

For lunch we went to a Chinese buffet, where I probably ate more than I should have, but everything was so good! Especially the yummy sugared donut things! :-)

Mom, Elijah, Jubi and I then went back to the hotel for a swim, stopping by Helping Hands, a second-hand store on the way. There, I found a whole big bag of cheap doll stuff for Sara's doll house! The swim at the hotel was very refreshing. It'd been quite a while since I had swam in a pool! They also had a hot tub, which was really nice.

After our swim, we drove back to the grandparent's house, where Grandpa and Grandma soon awakened from their nap. We played around 8 rounds of Chicken Feet, then fixed popcorn for supper, since we were all still pretty full from the buffet! While we ate, we also watched a movie entitled In Love and War, since dad had gotten another VCR for Grandpa and Grandma.

Then, after saying goodbye, it was back to the hotel!

Wednesday, March 29th

We got up a little earlier, since we had a long day's drive ahead of us. After breakfast, we hit the road.

I read quite a bit again, finishing Born Again, and starting a novel about early settlers to the U.S. from Norway. I always enjoy good, Christian, historical fiction!

The trip was quite long, and we stopped a few times, to eat and so on. We also couldn't drive past a certain Walmart that we almost always stop at on trips like these. We can't break tradition now, can we? It was also quite a delicious stop, for we bought some Resse's Klondike bars to enjoy!

We finally got back home at about 8:30 p.m. after 12 hours in the car. It sure is good to be home!

So, there you have it. A close to yet another Lofgren adventure!

Sweet Home Alabama!

Hi all! We arrived last night in sweet home Alabama, after almost 13 hours in the car! A post about our trip should appear tonight perhaps, if I get the chance to write it. Hope everyone had a good week so far!

Friday, March 24, 2006

You won't be hearing from me...

Hi all!

You won't be hearing from me for a few days... We're going out of town tomorrow, and won't be home until late Wednesday night. So, don't expect any new posts between now and then!

Hope the week and weekend goes well for all of you!

Fare thee well!

Little Clothes are done!

This afternoon, right before supper, I finished the shirts and dresses for Danielle, Alexander, James, Zachariah, Sara, and Nathaniel! Yes! And just in time, for we'll be going out of town tomorrow, and won't get back until Wednesday night! Here's some pictures

The four shirts. (my eyes are really squinty, but for some reason I can't seem to keep my eyes wide open when the flash goes off)

The two dresses

All together

Four shirts, two dresses. They were fun to make, but I'm glad they're done!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Moore for Govenor!

Roy Moore, former circuit judge, and ousted Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is now running for the Republican candidacy for Alabama governor. I believe that we should strongly support him.

In 2003, then Chief Justice Roy Moore, was on trial in his own courtroom. His crime? Publicly displaying a monument of the Ten Commandments in his own courthouse, and refusing to comply with orders that it be removed. He was then removed from his position, simply for honoring God rather than man.

This was not the first time he'd been sued for displaying the Ten Commandments. In March of 1995, the ACLU sued Judge Moore over the Ten Commandments plaque he had hanging in the courtroom where he worked as circuit judge. He won this case, but the ACLU kept going after him with different complaints, including prayer in the courtroom, and of course the display of the Ten Commandments on public property. This went on quite a bit while he was working as a circuit judge.

Moore was happy with his job as circuit judge in Etowah County, but in 1999, when the job as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court opened up, people began urging him to run. After much prayer, Judge Moore put in his candidacy for Chief Justice. It was a hard race, and many people tried to discredit him, but Moore won the race. The people of Alabama understood what he stood for, and had seen him go through many trials steadfastly, and they wanted him as their Chief Justice.

Moore had just been a little circuit judge when the ACLU went after him, and because of all the publicity he had received, he was elected to the highest judicial office in the state of Alabama! The ACLU however just couldn't seem to leave him alone. They went after him again for displaying the Ten Commandments, and this time they were successful in getting him fired.

Many people supported Moore. Many people, including my family, went to rallies to support him in the days leading up to his trial. Yes, he lost his job, but now he was extremely well known and supported, not just state wide, but nationally!

And now, Roy Moore has decided to run for the highest office in Alabama, that of governor. He is running a platform to Return Alabama to the people. First, he is hoping to stop the power of special interest lobbyists and return control of the government to the people of Alabama. Secondly, he wants to reform education, recognizing the freedom in it, and returning the control of it to the parents. Thirdly, he is for restoring a conservative policy of government, saying "no!" to irresponsible taxes and wasteful spending. Fourthly, he wants to secure Alabama citizenship, closing U.S. borders to illegal aliens. And finally, and in my opinion most importantly, he will work to preserve our moral heritage. He will work hard to uphold God and Biblical morality in the public arena.

He is a dedicated family man, and has proven experience. I believe that he is the right man for the job of Governor of the state of Alabama.

Now, I realize that a lot of you, like myself, are too young to vote! Others, don't even live in Alabama! If nothing else, you can still pray, and pray hard for Roy Moore and his campaign. And, if you can vote, make sure that you turn out to vote for Roy Moore in the primary elections on June 6th, 2006.

May God bless Roy Moore in this campaign for governorship, and give him wisdom, courage, and perseverance!

For more information on Roy Moore, you can visit http://judgeroymoore.net/ or read his excellent book, So Help Me God!

Moore for Governor!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2 down, 2 to go!

Well, I finished James and Alex's shirts last Sunday night, and now I am working on Zach and Nate's. They will be done by Saturday, even if it means taking off a day of school, or staying up late! They shouldn't take too long... I've already started them, and things go a little faster since I already made two of the same pattern.

In other breaking Anna news... not much is happening! :-) Daddy's off on a business trip, and this afternoon we're going to a press conference that's open to the public, for Roy Moore. Then, we're going to meet Miriam and go out for supper. Yea! I don't have to cook tonight!

All band and ballet have been cancelled for spring break, but then again, what's spring break? :-) I'm still doing my school work, since I prefer to take my time off when we go on trips and the like. So, I'll probably be around home most of the time this week, which is good because I have shirts to so!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time with Turners!

My time with the Turners was so fun! On Friday morning, I drove with mom and Jubi up to the Turners house. It took about an hour and a half, but I was so looking forward to being up there, it didn't seem too long. Plus, as I was driving, I had to stay alert!

Bekah's party was so fun! Her room was full of balloons, and as usual she had decorated beautifully! Bekoh was there as well, but Miriam couldn't come and she was sorely missed. After Bekah T opened her presents, we did one of our favorite things... dress up! :) You're never too old, right? Anyways, we took tons of pictures!

Late in the afternoon, Bekoh left, and Bekah T and I dressed up a bit more. After supper, we spent time talking and talking and talking... til about 1 a.m.! I know, a bit late, but we had a lot to talk about! :) We finally decided to go to bed however.

We slept in a bit on Saturday, and can you guess what else we did? That's right! More prettying up for the camera! It was really fun to try to decide what we should wear and how we should pose for each picture.

That afternoon we went for a walk in the woods, as we had a bit of cabin fever! We explored some, and walked along the fence seperating their land from their neighbor's cow pasture. After a while, a whole bunch of cows came over, to see what we were doing. Then, they decided they wanted to see us up close, and began running straight towards us! Thankfully they stopped when they came to the barbed wire, but they kept trying to charge! It was fun trying to scare them off! :) Yes, we were a bit crazy... but just a bit!

Late Saturday afternoon the Turners drove me to where Elijah met us to take me home. I cherish the memories I made with Bekah T and Lizbeth. Friends are such treasures!

A walk in the woods

Looking over the green pasture

It's a jungle out here!

Enjoying a beautiful spot

It feels so secluded!

Such a wilderness!

An oil painting look

Forever Friends!

Bekah T... it looks kinda erie!

Peeking through the leaves

On Saturday afternoon, Bekah, Lizbeth and I went for a walk in the woods... taking advantage of the photo-terrific spots!

Dress Up!!

Rebekah Joy Turner

Anna the cowgirl

Somewhat of a 50s look

All black and white

Lizbeth and I, she was usually our photographer

Rebekah Faith Olm

Friday, March 17, 2006

Farewell for the weekend!

So long! Today we're going to a birthday party for Bekah T, and then I get to stay the weekend at her house! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A True and Godly Woman

Today the roles of men and ladies
Are often blurred or shared
Leaving one to wonder,
"So, what has God prepared?"

Some people would try to tell us
That we're the same in every way
That girls should strive for equal rights
And not be stuck inside all day!

But I want to be a lady,
Following after God.
Striving to do what pleases Him
Though it might look rather odd!

I want to have noble character
Like the women in God's word
Worth far more than rubies,
And living by trusting in the Lord

I want to learn to bring my future husband
Good, but never ill
Honoring him in all I do,
Learning to submit my will.

I strive to teach my hands eagerness
In all the daily tasks
Working hard from dawn 'til dusk
To make a home where nothing ever lacks.

Learning to sew and cook and clean,
To make a home lovely.
Learning to be an excellent wife and mother,
So that everyone shall see

A woman delighting in the gift
Of graceful femininity,
Clothed with strength and wisdom,
And possessing dignity.

Dressing with grace and honor,
Radiating modesty,
Letting there be no doubt that I
Am a girl of propriety.

Knowing and showing that
True beauty comes from within.
Not caught up in my outward appearance,
But praising God with all I am.

Learning to develop a spirit
That is quiet, gentle, and kind.
Shunning gossip and idle chatter,
But speaking with wisdom in mind.

Glorifying God with every
Word, thought, and deed.
Living as God would have me live,
Helping everyone in need.

And as I live each day,
I hope that it'll show,
That I am a true and Godly woman,
Delighting that it's so!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun Sunday!

Today was very fun! We actually had home church, for the first time in a while! We met with the Turners, Simons, and Paces in Wetumpka park.

It was so nice to finally see Bekah T and Lizbeth again after more than a month! Even though it was hot, we ended up playing capture the stick and my side, (Ben, Jubi, Emily, Caitlin, and I) won! It was fun, but very warm! And yes, my foot is all better, for I was able to run around without it hurting a twinge! Praise God!

We got home around 3:30 p.m. and I sewed until supper. I'm currently working on Alex and James' shirts. It's going well, but I enjoy sewing dresses more. I guess because they're prettier!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Praise God!

Praise God I'm feeling better! Jubi's all well, and I'm feeling great! Mom's feeling better as well, but may be getting daddy's cold. Ugh. Thank the Lord I didn't even throw up once, something I hate doing. God is good!

And now, I get to look forward to another free day!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Not feeling well...

Well, the stomach flu that's been going around has struck the Lofgren household. Jubilee had it yesterday and threw up a few times, and my stomach has been upset all day. This afternoon mom said her stomach is starting to feel bad as well. And, daddy is developing a cold, so we're all not in the best of health. I am starting to feel a little better though, praise God!

I didn't go to dance yesterday because of my foot... From walking around on tiptoe to not hurt my heel I ended up making my ankle hurt. And today, we had an extra praise dance class, but as my stomach wasn't feeling well I couldn't go. Oh well, a little rest is good sometimes!

On another sad note, gmail isn't working, so I can't get my email! Not fun at all!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They're on their way!

Hi everyone! Good news, Daddy, Miriam, and Elijah should be here any minute! They called after they flew into Atlanta, and now are driving home. Miriam sounded really tired on the phone, they're probably dealing with major jet lag!

In other Anna news, I'm full of aches and pains right now. If anyone cares to know my woes, here they are: On Monday I strained my shoulders, made my side sore, and bruised my lower leg from carrying/wheeling Jubilee's bike home on one wheel. The fender was rubbing the back wheel, so I wheeled it on wheel down our long dirt driveway, and sometimes carried it because it was easier. Unbeknown to me, it strained my shoulders, and they sure do hurt! My thigh still hurts from where I fell on it last Thursday. And, my feet are now it pain! Yesterday while babysitting the Mortons, I played tag with them, and as my shoes were slipons, I ran around barefoot. Well, now my right heel hurts so much I walk around on tiptoes, and I had an ouchy splinter in the side of my right foot, which I finally removed earlier. My legs are also pretty sore from dance Tuesday... Sorry, you probably didn't want to hear all that, but that's how I'm feeling right now. But, I'll live, since being in sore is pretty much second nature for me. Hope everyone else is feeling great!!

And now, I can't wait to see my family!

Monday, March 06, 2006

My sisters!

I've learned a whole lot from having 4 sisters... you see things in them that you know you either never want to do, or really want to do! Here's a little of how my sisters have inspired me:

From Maria I've learned to be the lover of all things beautiful. I've always wanted to be able to paint, and sing, and write poetry, and dance... just like her! She was a big inspiration in the area of artistry! When I was little, I was her baby, and I loved having her write me notes and things! Now, I love having talks with her when she visits, and playing with her sweet children!

From Miriam I've learned to be a good help around the house. She's excels at cooking, organizing, sewing, cleaning, and making crafts. I've also tried to be a good babysitter, just like she was! She is a fun sister to be with, and I still love doing things with her a lot, since she only lives about ten minutes away! She's also inspired me with her friendliness... taught me not to hold back, but try to reach out to others.

From Lydia I've tried to learn to have a gentle and submissive spirit. I remember when I was younger, I was always amazed that someone could be that submissive, but as I've grown I've understood the importance of it. She also inspires me with her sacrifice and love. I miss her as she's in Africa!

From my younger sister Jubilee, I've learned to just be a little crazy sometimes! :) She has taught me patience, as all younger sisters probably do to their older sisters, and has made me feel great when she looks up to me! With her love of animals and the outdoors, she's inspired me to spend a little more time outside... it's beautiful!

And, I couldn't leave out my sis-in-law Michele! She has been a very good example to me of a good mother and homemaker. I've stayed with her a few times, and it's been a joy to watch how she trains her children and makes a beautiful home. It's also been an inspiration to see the creative things she does with her children, and how she makes home school fun!

I thank God for blessing me with 4 wonderful sisters and a delightful sister-in-law! How blessed I am!

You're In a big family when...

From my own experiences, you know you're in a big family when...

When in a Walmart checkout line, you have a hard time remembering which number sister you are

Yet another sibling leaves home, and you think that a family with two parents and only three children is way too tiny!

You wear clothes that have been worn by 3 different sisters before you (and later pass them on to your younger sister)

You find it easier to cook for 6-8 people than it is to cook for 2-3

You do 3 to 4 loads of laundry in one day, and there's still more clothes!

All of your parents, siblings, and neices and nephews stay in the same house, for a total of 17 people (and only two siblings have married so far)!

Your younger sister was born 19 years after your oldest brother

You shove a lot of tables together at restaurants so that the whole family can sit at one table

You have one other family over for dinner (after a few siblings from each have left home) and you have 14 people to feed

Your family used to use almost a gallon of milk per day!

You could almost always find someone to play with you as a child

You delight to tell people that no, there's not just 3 of you, you have 4 other siblings that have already moved out!

You want to have even more children yourself when you're married

Most of the food you buy comes in the mega sized packs

You love meeting equally large families!

I thank God for my big family!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Brother, My Friend

God has abundantly blessed me with two wonderful brothers! They have always been a special part of my life. I have 4 sisters, and I love them a lot, but it has seemed like I've been a little closer to my brothers.

When I was little, my oldest brother Luke was very special to me. He was my "Lukey". I remember one night when I was little and
got hurt, he took me with him to his 4-H club, just to make me feel better. Just being with him made me so happy!

Since he's about 14 years older than me, he went off to college when I was 4. I remember visiting him there. One memory especially stands out... we were waiting for Luke, then he walked towards us and I ran off to greet him with excited squeals! He was such a good big brother!

Soon after he went to college in Arkansas, we moved to Alabama. So, we didn't get to see him very much, but I still treasure the visits we have now. Now he has 4 sweet children, and is a great daddy!

My brother-in-law Ron, is also a great friend! When I was younger, I'd often get to go and spend time at Maria and Ron's house. They used to spoil me somewhat, but it was so fun! Ron was so nice to me... he's a good brother-in-law, and has such a giving spirit!

My older brother Elijah is probably the one I'm closest to out of all my siblings. We're only a year and ten months apart, so we kinda grew up together. Sure, we have our times as all siblings do, but we rarely ever fight. In fact, our biggest disagreements are about the definition or pronunciation of words... and he's usually right. (I know, we're a bit strange!)

Elijah's gentlemanly ways make me feel so special! It's nice to have him open every door for me, rarity in young men theses days.

Elijah's kindness is also so nice! He's heard all my tirades for home made food rather than store bought and is quick to compliment me on my cooking... even if I don't think it turned out that well! When asked his favorite food in an email survey, he responded, "the good homemade stuff that Anna makes." That lifted my spirits and made me feel so appreciated! He always seems to know what to say to make me feel special. He also works hard on little things for me... such a nice brother I have!

I enjoy the late night chats we have sometimes, when we're both kinda procrastinating bed. He and I are good friends in many ways!

I enjoy going places with him. I feel so protected as we walk, with him towering over me!

He is a godly young man, and has shown me that there are fine young men out there, that I needn't settle for anything less! Many times I've hoped that my future husband will be something like Elijah, then everything will be great! :) I shall miss him greatly when he goes off to college in the fall.

From what you've read, you may be in shock, wondering if there are such brothers out there! No, my brothers aren't perfect, for no human can be! But they are delightful, my brothers, my friends.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ahh!! Relaxing days!!

I sure do enjoy relaxing days! A nice break from the normal hectic pace of the week. This morning I scrapbooked mostly, pretty much finishing last fall's camping pictures. I'm out of tape and glue now though, so I'll probably have to wait until I can get that to continue.

Thursday was fun as usual! Band was great, and we went to the library, Walmart, and then dance class. I found more Dear America diaries at the library, I really enjoy them! Dance went well, but I had a nasty fall. I have two bruises from it! We were doing inside-outs, and instead of rolling up onto pointe as I should have, I kinda jumped up. Not a good thing to do in new pointe shoes, for they're pretty slippery. Next thing I know, I was falling through the air and slammed into the hard cement floor, on my side. It was pretty scary. I just hate the feeling I got as I was in the air, knowing I was about to hit the floor. It was awful! But, it was my own fault. I just need to be more careful!

Yesterday was another home day. We've had a lot of those recently, but they've allowed me to accomplish a lot. I scrapbooked some after schoolwork, and raked outside. Now my arms ache, and I've got a blister, but the yard looks a little better! I'm just full of aches and pains today!

Tomorrow we'll be going to a church in Millbrook since no one has offered to have home church at their house. We haven't met all together for a long time... I miss everyone a lot! I also miss Daddy, Miriam and Elijah... they won't be back from Africa for 4 days!

Right now Jubilee has her friend Rachael over, and I'll probably get off and go cut out the shirts for the boys. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I finished Danielle and Sara's dresses today! It didn't take too long... two dresses in two weeks, not too bad! I'll probably be adding a sash out of the green material, but other than that, they're completed. Now, onto the boys shirts! I'll be getting the buttons tomorrow, and then get started.

Today was a nice home day. I finished school work before lunch, and practiced flute right after lunch (and after playing a few rounds of Mastermind with Jubilee!). Jubi and I went on a bike ride after I practiced, which was fun. We went around in the neighborhoods after we came out of our dirt road, and we fairly set the neighborhood a' barking! At one time we had 2 or 3 dogs chasing us, partly because Midnight came along I suppose. After getting home, I went online for a while, then hemmed the dresses. They were just hems, yet they took quite awhile because of the width of the dresses.

After doing supper dishes, I pressed the dresses, and decided which kind of shirt I would make for the boys. After trying to do buttonholes on the sewing machine, and finding them extremely easy because of the nice setting my machine has, I decided on a button down shirt. It will make the shirts a little dressier, since they will be for church.

Sewing is fun!!!