A Graceful Maiden's Memoir

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song!" - Psalm 28:7

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ride to See Relatives

Okay, I didn't get to this yesterday, but hopefully today I'll get it done. Here goes!

Saturday, November 19th, 2005
This was to be the first day of our 9-day trip! We packed almost everything the night before, in order to get up really early to leave, since we had 14 hours to drive. However, mom and dad were pretty tired, so we ended up leaving around 8:30 a.m. Oh well, we at least finally got out on the road!

Around 10 a.m., mom turned on her cell phone, remembering that my Aunt Sara might be calling to meet us somewhere as we passed them en route. Aunt Sara never called, but almost immediately after turning on the phone, Aunt Ruth gave us a call! Mom was almost out of minutes, but before the phone ran out, she learned that Grandpa had been taken to the hospital because of some health problems. Realizing my brother Luke and his family were going to stop and eat lunch with Grandpa and Grandma, we quickly exited to find a pay phone. After getting the rest of the details from Aunt Ruth, we called Luke and found out they had just arrived and were wondering where the grandparents were. Isn't God awesome how He works things out like that?

Luke was able to help the grandparents a little once they got home, and Grandpa was feeling better.

So, on went the days drive to Bella Vista Arkansas. I worked on embroidering two hand towels for the grandparents for Christmas, and the day passed somewhat quickly. We arrived at the grandparents house around 9:30 p.m. Needless to say it was a long and tiriing ride, so we went straight to bed.

Sunday, November 20th, 2005
We woke up on Sunday intending to attend church with Grandpa and Grandma. However, Grandpa woke up in pain again, so Dad and Grandma took him to the emergency room while the rest of us went to church. While there, we asked the church to pray, and even got to see a wedding between two older people whose spouses had died.

We then went home, and I finished the second towel I was embroidering, then ate lunch. Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma got home soon after, and as they rested, we watched a movie entitled The Other Side Of Heaven. Grandpa felt much better, so we went to a Chinese Buffet for supper. It was delicious!

Before bed, we watched the new dvd Luther. It was a really good movie about Martin Luther - very well down, and very exciting!

Monday, November 21st
I woke up excited, for today we'd get to see our cousins! We to wait a bit for Grandma to get their things ready, but we left soon after lunch. Now we were on our way to Kansas City, Kansas! The trip took only about 3 hours, such a short time compared to 14 hours! I read in the Stonewycke Trilogy by Michael Phillips. He's a really good author! I especially liked the books because they were historical fiction set in Scotland! Something about Scotland really interests me. Maybe it's just the way people talk, I really like their accent!

It was so nice to see our Rossell relatives after a year! Hannah was resting when we got there, and Josiah was at a soccer game, but Ron, Maria, James and Sara were there! It was fun playing with my cute neice and nephew before all the others got there!

We got to eat some delicious soup Aunt Ruth prepared for supper, and soon after Nehemiah arrived home from college! Uncle David was also there with his friend Sally. A lot of the night was spent in playing the game Risk, a Lofgren favorite.... at least among the male members. It's okay, but I soon grow tired of it! We got to bed late, but happy among family.

Tuesday, November 22nd
Today was the day of Aunt Ruth Rossell installment as a professor at a seminary in Kansas City. So, soon after we awoke (which was kinda late after staying up all night) we got all fancied up. I got to wear a pretty dress about the color of this blue that used to be mom's!

After the ceremony was refreshments, so we had some yummy cookies and things. There was a strange inside-out sandwhich thing that consisted of a breadstick wrapped in meat and cheese with a lettuce leaf wrapped around all of that. It was... interesting. It would have been tons better without mayo!

There was a stage in the fellowship hall, that Sara and James just got a kick out of running around on. They're so sweet! Sara took a while to warm up to me, but she finally did!

Once we went back home we... played more games! That's almost all we do at Lofgren reunions and things! Most of them played another Risk game, while the rest of us played various others.

That night we made Taco Salad! Mom and I did most of it, because Aunt Ruth had already done a lot that day!

Wednesday, November 23rd
After another late night, we got up kinda late again. I woke up as soon as someone went to eat breakfast, because the girls were sleeping in the living room. Getting up however, was another matter!

Soon before lunch, Luke, Michele, Danielle, Alexander, Zacheriah, and Nathaniel arrived bring Miriam with them after picker her up at the airport. After greeting them all, I promptly snatched up little Nate. Babies are so sweet! First thing daddy said when he saw me was, "So you're finally complete with a baby in your arms!"

After a lot of games (including ping pong Danielle and I played, she almost as good as I!) and lunch, most of us went to the Kansas City Zoo. We only got to see the Africa part because we didn't have much time. While we were waiting for Dad and Nehemiah to show up though, we got to see the sea lions get fed. There was even one getting trained... too cool!

We ate supper that night at Pizza Street, a buffet. I probably ate more than I should have, but that pizza sure was good! Since the teens and Jubi finished first, Nehemiah took us home, and we played even more games!

Thursday, November 24th
Thanksgiving Day! A time of being thankful! We had a gathering before
the appetizers. I danced, we sang, and then went around saying what we were thankful for. James Paul sure found a lot he was thankful for! He's such a sweet boy!

I played quite a few games with Danielle, Michele, and Miriam, reknewing in my mind the rules for games such as Old Maid, Crazy Eights, and Memory. I'm so blessed by all my nieces and nephews.

After helping with the big dinner, making the mashed potatoes and fruit salad, and crying my eyes out cutting up onions, it was time to eat! All that food was sooo good! I was almost as stuffed as the turkey had been! And.. there was still the pie! I somehow made room for two small slivers. Pumpkin pie sure is good! We played still more games, such as Clue, Sequence, and Dutch Blitz. It was so fun being with relatives!

After supper Maria and Ron left, and Uncle David and Sally had left early that morning. We watched Finding Nemo on tv, until Aunt Kathy, and our cousins, Jonathan, Sarah, Ben, and Peter arrived! Again, we got in bed rather late, but it was nice too, because we got to sleep in Hannah's room!

Friday, November 25th
Another full day of games! Dutch Blitz was our specialty on this day! Since some of us were quite fast, and others, rather slow, we had two tables going. To keep it interesting however, we had the loser of the round at the fast table go to the slow table, while the winner of the round at the slow table went to the fast table. It was quite interesting with all the switching up! I only had to go to the slow table once, and quickly advanced back up. Either Miriam or I won each game, but everyone had tons of fun!

Late afternoon everyone was restless, so we walked to the park and played Ultimate Frisbee. My team lost, but it was great running in the fresh air! I also found yet another thing I did splits in, besides volleyball! I don't know how I do it, one moment I'm up, and the next moment in the splits! Crazy isn't it?

It got dark quickly, so we tromped back and played Taboo until supper. Luke and Michele had left after lunch so our group was shrinking. Following supper there was wild rounds of Spoons! Everyone really got into it, especially the boys. Almost every round found some of them wrestling. It was quite hilarious to watch, as long as I was far enough away! Too soon it got late, and Aunt Kathy and cousins said there goodbyes. There were so many goodbyes said those days!

Saturday, November 26th
It was the day to leave the cousins! It was sad to say goodbye, knowing we probably won't see them for another year! We had great times with them though! On the way back to to the grandparents, we got to stop at the Precious Moments museum. It was really neat to see the history of Precious Moments, and the beautiful paintings of Bible stories and all. The man who did them all is really talented! We browsed in the store after going to the chapel, but didn't buy much for most things are pretty expensive!

After a tiring day of walking around, it was nice to get to the grandparents and just rest! We knew the next day would be even more tiring though!

Sunday November 27th
We were finally going home! I was glad to be in the car, at least headed back to Alabama! I enjoy travelling, but there's nothing like one's own home... especially one's own bed! We were able to get home in only about 12 hours, since a new highway had just opened up. The only sad thing was, I had a really bad headache most the day that I could just not get rid of!

We finally arrived home around 9 p.m. Praise God for all our safe travel!

Check Photo Palace, I hope to get the pictures up soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Tuesday in the life of Anna

Hi all!
Sorry I've been so bad about keeping up with my blog... time just seems to run away from me! However, I'm going to try hard to do better!
Today is pretty much like any other Tuesday, except my praise dance class has been switched to tomorrow! It's kinda nice though, because I have another day to try to recover from our trip to Kasas!
I'll be posting pictures from our trip as soon as I finish editing them in Photo Palace, so make sure you keep checking. I also hope to post other pictures, but as I said, time has been an issue! I'm also going to try to post a chronological thing about our Thanksgiving trip, so keep reading!
Well, I need to make lunch and finish school, but afterwards look for my posts about the Ride to see Relatives!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Start Of My Online Journal

Hi everyone! Welcome to the starting post of my online journal! I only have a few minutes before we leave for our class, Perspectives on World Missions, but I thought I'd start anyway.
Today was a normal day in my life, unlike the many that have passed recently. I woke up around 7 a.m., and did the usual stuff and school. I also added the Fall 2005 camping pictures, which took a while. After lunch, I went to my praise dance class where we started choreographing the song While You Were Sleeping by Casting Crowns. It's a really cool song, because it presents the story of Jesus' birth, death, and return all in one song! I've got to remember to work on it during the day, since I'll be doing one verse by myself, Lauren the next, and the last together. Mrs. Pam also asked me if I would dance Come to Jesus this Sunday at the Fountain of Grace Alliance church in Prattville. I'll probably be doing that since our home church won't be meeting. After Stew and Story, we're all going to be a little tired!
Well, I need to get going, I hope to keep this up though!
Anna Naomi