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Monday, March 06, 2006

My sisters!

I've learned a whole lot from having 4 sisters... you see things in them that you know you either never want to do, or really want to do! Here's a little of how my sisters have inspired me:

From Maria I've learned to be the lover of all things beautiful. I've always wanted to be able to paint, and sing, and write poetry, and dance... just like her! She was a big inspiration in the area of artistry! When I was little, I was her baby, and I loved having her write me notes and things! Now, I love having talks with her when she visits, and playing with her sweet children!

From Miriam I've learned to be a good help around the house. She's excels at cooking, organizing, sewing, cleaning, and making crafts. I've also tried to be a good babysitter, just like she was! She is a fun sister to be with, and I still love doing things with her a lot, since she only lives about ten minutes away! She's also inspired me with her friendliness... taught me not to hold back, but try to reach out to others.

From Lydia I've tried to learn to have a gentle and submissive spirit. I remember when I was younger, I was always amazed that someone could be that submissive, but as I've grown I've understood the importance of it. She also inspires me with her sacrifice and love. I miss her as she's in Africa!

From my younger sister Jubilee, I've learned to just be a little crazy sometimes! :) She has taught me patience, as all younger sisters probably do to their older sisters, and has made me feel great when she looks up to me! With her love of animals and the outdoors, she's inspired me to spend a little more time outside... it's beautiful!

And, I couldn't leave out my sis-in-law Michele! She has been a very good example to me of a good mother and homemaker. I've stayed with her a few times, and it's been a joy to watch how she trains her children and makes a beautiful home. It's also been an inspiration to see the creative things she does with her children, and how she makes home school fun!

I thank God for blessing me with 4 wonderful sisters and a delightful sister-in-law! How blessed I am!


  • At 8:26 AM, March 13, 2006, Anonymous Maria C. said…

    From Maria::

    You forgot to list all the things you learned you didn't want to do from watching me:)

    Michele and Miriam inspire me too. I would like to be more of a blend of both of them and less like who I am now.

    Thanks for writing that entry.

    I hope my Sara has a sister someday...or another brother.


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