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"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song!" - Psalm 28:7

Monday, January 30, 2006

Above Rubies Retreat

Last evening mom and I arrived back home from the Above Rubies Retreat. I really enjoyed the weekend away, and learned a great deal of things that will be most helpful as I look forward to being a mother.
Sharing a room with 3 teen girls and 6 ladies resulted in little sleep, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I just ended up sleeping in a bit today!
We stayed at a camp near the Gulf in Alabama. The facilities were really nice, and there was a beach by the bay right down the hill! Needless to say the girls and I spent a great deal of time there! I had forgotten my camera, but Bekah T took some great pictures, and has promised to make a CD of them for me. It will probably be about two weeks before I get them, but I will be sure to upload pictures as soon as possible. There were some really pretty pictures! As Miriam said, the background was so pretty it looked fake! The beach was absolutely gorgeous, and it was warm enough to wade a little! There was also a pier, gazebo and picturesque bridge!
The car rides up and back were interesting to say the least! Crazy things happen when you put 10 ladies in the car together! :) Memories were definitely made!
The teaching by Mrs. Nancy was really good. She taught from the first few chapters of Genesis, and it's amazing how many truths you can learn straight from the beginning. Pearl and her daughter Meadow sang, and it was absolutely beautiful! My favorite song was one entitled Annabelle about how some little girls mother their dolls and dream about being a mother and having babies. I loved it so, because that is exactly what I dreamed about when I was little, and what I still dream about! Motherhood is definitely the highest calling a woman can have! I pray that one day I will be a blessed mother with many children! Even though I do enjoy ballet, I don't think that I will go on to be a professional ballerina. I think that just learning all I can now, and then teaching my girls and maybe other girls someday in dance to glorify the Lord would be very fulfilling. Even the Christian ballerinas don't always dress with impeccable modesty, and I do not want to compromise myself in any way.
Well, I have finished school work, but I must practice flute and make supper, so I shall be going! Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!


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